The 5 Ingredients You Need to Make 10 Amazing Meals

Created March 16, 2017
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You’re about to discover a whole week’s worth of easy meals you can make with just 5 basic ingredients. MORE+ LESS-

With these 5 base ingredients, plus a few extras, you can make 10 incredibly delicious and easy meals.

Do you see where I’m going with this? 5 ingredients, sooo many mealtime options!

If BBQ-anything makes you happy as brisket, scroll down, grab recipes and prepare to smile. Because we’ve got a whole boatload of ideas coming right at you.


1. Slow-Cooker BBQ Chicken Mini Gorditas

To start this roundup of BBQ chicken goodness off, we wanted to serve it up in a whole new way. Maybe you’ve had BBQ Chicken Pizza or BBQ Chicken Soup. But we were pretty sure you’ve never thought to twist up your regular taco night with street-style BBQ Chicken Mini Gorditas.

Pillsbury™ pizza dough is cut into rounds and baked until puffy and golden on a skillet, then stuffed with the most tender, savory shredded BBQ chicken you’ve ever laid lips upon. Topped with tangy onions and a touch of cilantro, this dish is wildly easy to make and so, so good.


2. BBQ Chicken Pizza

A classic, our BBQ chicken pizza is made extra-snappy with the addition of refrigerated dough. Don’t call the deliveryman! Just hit your pantry, grab these 5 (okay, actually 6) ingredients and make this stuff. Like, now. Your face will thank you.


3. BBQ Chicken Crescents

If I could wrap a crescent around my heart, I would. Those buttery biscuits of bite-sized flakery make everything taste like a charm. And so, we’re gonna all stuff ‘em with BBQ chicken and call it a day. This recipe, people. This.recipe.


4. Big and Easy BBQ Chicken Pockets

If you’ve ever wished you could eat toaster pastries for dinner, now is your chance with these little handheld pockets of BBQ goodness.


5. BBQ Chicken Pinwheel Bake

Like a plate of savory cinnamon rolls, these barbecue-y wonders are about to change your existence. Serve them to strangers and they will become friends. Serve them to kids and they will become adults. Serve them to kittens and—well, actually don’t serve them to kittens. Just keep them all to yourself.


5 More Because We <3 BBQ

Because 5 ideas aren’t nearly enough, we’ve pulled together a few more don’t-miss favorites. Though several of these recipes may include more than 5 ingredients (or riffs on the above mentioned list), they still call for the same basic combo. If you’ve got the makings of BBQ chicken-anything, give these recipes a gander. You may just find a fun new favorite to add to your recipe box!


1. 3-Ingredient BBQ Chicken Wings

Same basic ingredients, one easy appetizer. Make, eat, party.


2. BBQ Chicken & Cheese Grits Bake

Oh, hey there. Do you love grits as much as we do? Then, come over to our house and BYOS (Bring Your Own Spoon). Because it’s about to get all gritty up in here. Don’t ask. I’m pretty sure that’s a song.


3. Slow-Cooker BBQ Chicken Soup

Slow cook your head into a happy spin with this recipe for BBQ Chicken Soup. It’s like everything you ever wanted at a backyard barbecue where they serve BBQ chicken pizza on skewers in a bowl. Or things like that. But in a soup.


4. Sriracha Cheesy BBQ Chicken Balls

Spicy meets chicken meets cheesy meets yes. Sriracha yourself these little toothpicked bites of appetizer gladness. You can also make them for breakfast and we totally won’t tell.


5. BBQ Chicken 10-Minute Taco Boats

It’s taco time. And what better way to twist up Taco Tuesdays that with these 10-minute BBQ taco boats? We’d call them Love Boats, but that TV show has already sailed... (HAD to type it! Just HAD to!) Forgive. Eat. Taco your BBQ.

What’s Your Favorite BBQ Chicken Combo? Share away!

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