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The Dinners Our Editors Make on Repeat

We’ve got hundreds, if not thousands of dinner recipes on, but when it comes down to it these are the ones our editors make in their own kitchens.

Ever wonder what the people behind this site really eat? While we’re admittedly obsessed with food and recipes (like it’s our job), we are still average people looking for quick and easy weeknight dinners to feed our people. These are the recipes we really do make, over and over. Think of them as your insider scoop on the best of the best on Tablespoon!

Skillet Pork Chops and Rice for Two

This is hands-down the easiest, most flavorful pork chop recipe I’ve ever made.  This is a go-to for my weeknight dinners.
—Kristina L


Sheet-Pan Chicken Shawarma
Like everyone else on the internet, I love a good sheet-pan meal, but this beauty exceeded all my expectations. Yes, it looks as pretty as in the picture. And it’s true what they say—the secret really is in the sauce. Marinating the chicken thighs in yogurt, lemon juice and garlic gives them that authentic shawarma flavor, and makes them super tender to boot. If you have the extra time to spare, I’d even let them marinate a full hour, because it will just get better and better. This recipe is proof that you don’t need to do much to simple, quality ingredients to make them really pop, but go ahead and take credit for those colorful roasted veggies anyway. And the best part: you WILL have leftovers, and they WILL taste even better on day two. I hope you love this dinner as much as I do!
—Stephanie N


One-Pot Chicken Lo Mein
I would love to say that I make brilliant meals from scratch every night of the week (that I planned out the weekend before, because I’m so organized), but that would be a lie. Most nights it’s throwing whatever vegetables I find in the fridge into a pot or skillet with pasta and cheese—always cheese—and calling it dinner. So naturally, I’m a sucker for this one-pot lo chicken mein. It’s saved my life more times than I can count.
—Kayla K.


Skillet Zoodles and Meatballs
I’m all about the zoodle trend, and the fact I can make this baby in one skillet just seals the deal. These homemade meatballs are outta-this-world good, and if I’m feeling extra lazy, I use frozen ones instead for a super quick cheat. (Don’t be like me; make the homemade meatballs.)
—Emily D


Sheet-Pan Surf and Turf
I’m terrible when it comes to cooking steak (my all-time favorite protein). I’m notorious for always going over when I’m looking for a perfect medium-rare. I followed this recipe to a T, and it came out perfect. Best date-night-in dinner ever.
—Kristina L


Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken with Lemon Orzo and Peas
A funny thing happens when you write about food all day—you get home from work some nights and the last thing you want to do is spend even one more minute thinking about food and figuring out dinner. Luckily, this recipe doesn’t require much thought, and once you buy the ingredients, you’ll have enough around to make it at least twice. (And, in fact, I’ve made it twice in the past two weeks!) Wrapping chicken in prosciutto looks so fancy that you’d never guess this only takes 30 minutes to make. My favorite way to serve it: heavy on the lemon zest (holla, cheap IKEA citrus zester!), with extra parm sprinkled on top so that the orzo pasta gets even creamier.
—Stephanie N.


One-Pot Indian Butter Chicken
Listen, we’re all busy and making a new dinner every night is tough stuff—even for recipe-obsessed editors like us. So when I discovered that this one-pot wonder (again with me and the one pots) was even better the next day—and the day after that—I started making it every other week. For real. Please don’t count how many sticks of butter I go through a month; focus on the awesome leftovers part instead.
—Kayla K.