What do I bring new parents? - easy meals

By TBSP Erin
Created March 15, 2017

Just this past week TBSPEric and his wife welcomed their first child Arthur (or Art for short)  to the family.   

It's been a pretty exciting time for them.  I often hear from friends with families that the first weeks after a newborn arrives are some of the best, but most stressful.  Wanting to help out a bit, I thought...what could I bring the new parents to make things a little easier?  How about something to eat!  I decided on this highly rated Family-Favorite Macarconi and Cheese. 

I made it with some really excellent gouda cheese, and added a bit more salt and a dash of cayenne pepper.  See my variation here:  Homemade Mac N Cheese.  So, what makes a great gift recipe?

1.  Easy to re-heat.  You don't want to have to do a lot of work to get it ready to eat.  Try one of these great easy to re-heat recipe:

2.  Something they've been missing.  Sushi is a great example of something you should avoid when pregnant.  Bring the new parents something they haven't been able to eat in a long time.

3.  Finger-foods and easy snacks.  Having easy to heat meals is great, but something you need a little snack here or there at 4am.  This brownies-on-a-stick-recipe is absolutely amazing and perfect for easy one-handed consumption.  Here are a few more to try:

Have you ever shared a meal with a new family?  What are the best recipes you've either given or received as new parents?