Cookies and Cream Dip

cookies and cream dip Dessert
Cookies and Cream Dip
  • Prep 20 min
  • Total 25 min
  • Servings 20

This dip is fluffy and delicious with chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies! MORE+ LESS-

Updated April 19, 2017


package chocolate sandwich cookies (crushed)
small tub whipped topping
package cookies and cream instant pudding
cups milk
cups mini marshmallows
(pretzels, dipping Items mini sandwich cookies, etc.)


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  • 1
    Prepare pudding according to package directions.
  • 2
    Wait five minutes until the pudding is set, then add whipped topping (thawed), crushed chocolate sandwich cookies and marshmallows.
  • 3
    Mix remainder of ingredients together and serve as a dessert dip!

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More About This Recipe

  • There’s not much that’s better than a chocolate sandwich cookie. They’re practically a rite of passage for kids. And adults. Twist and eat the cream first? Dunk in a glass of milk? There are many ways to break into a sandwich cookie. In fact, people have serious rules for eating their cookies. But rules are made to be broken.... and I’m about to break those rules by making a fluffy Cookies and Cream Dip! The ingredients have a common theme of deliciousness: crushed chocolate sandwich cookies, instant pudding (cookies and cream), mini marshmallows and whipped topping round out a dreamy smattering of crunchy sweetness. For dipping items, create a salty and sweet sensation by dipping pretzel sticks into the mixture. Or, while you’re at it, why not dip mini cookies or chocolate-covered pretzels into the mix. You can never have enough chocolate! Other ways to serve this dip include: Layered Cookie Parfaits - Layer crushed cookies, marshmallows and dip in clear serving dishes for a pretty presentation. Cookie “Pizza” - Spread the Cookie and Cream Dip on a Pillsbury Pie Crust for a sweet pizza. Layer with crushed cookies and add Cocoa Puffs cereal for a chocolatey crunch! This Cookies and Cream Dip has tons of possibilities and it’s made with a household staple - chocolate sandwich cookies! Dig in!

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