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How to Grill Corn

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  • Prep 25 min
  • Total 40 min
  • Servings 1
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Enjoy one of summers best-kept secrets: grilled corn on the cob! It is easy when you follow these steps.
Updated Sep 24, 2014
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  • Butter, salt and pepper to taste
  • Corn (as many ears as you want to make)
  • Pan of clean water (enough to completely submerge corn)


  • 1
    Remove the first few layers of the outer corn husk. Peel the rest of the corn husk back far enough to clean off the corn silk, making sure the husks are still attached to the base of the corn cob. Remove the corn silk (the stringy stuff on the corn) by pulling it off with your hands. Once all silk is removed, place the husk back over the corn.
  • 2
    Fill a large dish or pan with enough water to cover the corn. Completely submerge the corn for 15 minutes in the water. If necessary, weigh the corn down so that it is fully submerged. While corn is soaking, preheat your grill on high heat. Once corn has finished soaking and the grill has preheated, reduce heat to medium and, using tongs, remove corn from water, allowing it to drain before placing it on the grill.
  • 3
    Cook corn for 10-15 minutes, rotating every five minutes. Once corn is cooked, remove to a dish, allowing it to cool enough to handle. Once cooled, peel back corn husks and serve, seasoning to taste with butter, salt and pepper.

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More About This Recipe

  • Discover one of summer's best-kept secrets: grilled corn!

    Grilling is a synonym for summer, right?

    Okay, so maybe my mental thesaurus isn't so good but for me, when summer hits, it's time to fire up that grill. You just can't beat the flame-broiled taste -- or cooking an entire meal without pots and pans or heating up the house. Besides, enjoying a beer with some friends is one of the best parts of summer, too.

    All you need are some killer recipes. Lucky for you, I've got your side dish covered with this delicious and easy way to grill corn.

    There are multiple ways of grilling corn and regardless of how you cook it, whether it be in aluminum foil removed from the husk, or still in the husk (as we'll do it here), you can guarantee it will be delicious!

    Check out this quick video to see how easy it is to grill corn:

    Now let's get to the recipe:

    First, gather up some ears of corn with their husks still on, and a big bowl for water -- along with some butter, salt and pepper to season your finished corn.

    From there it's easy:

    Remove the first few layers of the corn husk, then peel the remaining husks back to pull off the corn silk (that stringlyg stuff on the corn). When you've cleaned off all the silks, place the pulled-down husks back over the corn and tie it in place at the top.

    Fill a large dish with water and soak the corn for 15 minutes. Preheat grill on high heat. Reduce grill heat to medium and, using tongs, remove corn from water, draining it before placing it on the grill.

    Cook corn for 10-15 minutes, rotating every five minutes.

    Remove corn from grill and allow to cool before peeling husks back to reveal the cooked corn.

    Season with butter, salt and pepper -- and enjoy!
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