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Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cakes

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  • Prep 1 hr 30 min
  • Total 4 hr 30 min
  • Servings 14
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Rainbow cake joy, in a teeny tiny individual portion!
by: Michelle Palm
Updated May 24, 2022
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  • 2 boxes Betty Crocker™ Super Moist™ White Cake Mix, prepared according to box directions
  • 3 tubs (16 oz) Betty Crocker™ Rich & Creamy Creamy White Frosting
  • Parchment paper
  • 9x13 inch cake pans
  • Liquid food coloring (I used colors from both the classic and neon sets)


  • 1
    Measure out 6 sheets of parchment to line your 9x13 pan - you'll want a couple inches of overhang on both long sides of pan.
  • 2
    Preheat oven per cake baking directions on box.
  • 3
    Divide cake batter evenly into 6 bowls. Color with liquid food coloring. Using a classic food color set for the red and yellow, a 2:1 yellow/red ratio for the orange, blue and purple from a neon set, and a custom mix of the neon and classic green on the green layer. You’ll need about 20 drops total in each bowl to get nice, vibrant colors.
  • 4
    Place one of the parchment sheets in the pan. Secure the sides to make distributing the batter easier. Binder clips, which worked great. (Remove these before baking!)
  • 5
    Pour the first bowl of batter into the pan, and spread it just to the edges of the pan with a spatula. When you pour the batter in, it won’t look like much. Spread it out on the parchments evenly as possible, and pop it in the oven. Bake the layer for about 10 minutes. Watch it carefully - these thin little layers cook fast!
  • 6
    Remove from oven and allow layer to cool on a cooling rack (in the pan) for 10 minutes. Then, remove layer from pan using the paper parchment handles, and place layer back on cooling rack to continue cooling.
  • 7
    Repeat with remaining layers.
  • 8
    Once you've baked all six layers, and allowed them to cool completely (won't take long), grab the white frosting. Give the frosting a thorough stir so it's nice and loose.
  • 9
    Place the first layer back in the pan (leaving the parchment on). Spread about 1/3 of a tub of the white frosting evenly on the layer.
  • 10
    Grab the next layer in your line-up. You can use the parchment to position it, lay it face down on the frosted first layer, and then just peel the parchment off.
  • 11
    Repeat with remaining layers, until you get to the last one, which you won't frost.
  • 12
    Wrap the pan with parchment (which won't stick to the cake) and then a layer of heavy foil and place in the freezer. Weigh the cake down using a cutting board or another pan, with a few pounds of frozen food or other freezer safe items on top. Let the cake freeze at least overnight.
  • 13
    Several hours before serving, remove from freezer, unwrap, grab the cake slab out of the pan with the parchment handles, and get ready to cut. Cutting is best done when the cake is frozen!
  • 14
    Cut with a 2 1/2 inch diameter round biscuit cutter – and keep in mind that you’ll need a tall cutter with handles that don’t interfere too much. Once you've cut, just push the cake out of the cutter, gently but firmly onto a plate or cutting board. Repeat with remaining cake.
  • 15
    Top with frosting and sprinkles.

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More About This Recipe

  • What's better than a cupcake, you ask? How about a Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cake? You’ve probably seen many full-size rainbow cakes. But there’s something special about having a tiny little rainbow cake of one’s own. They’re just the ticket to bringing a smile to anyone’s face, especially a birthday guest of honor! These are easy to make, and a fantastic candidate for “make-ahead” due to the freezer time involved. The parchment paper is actually the most important part of the recipe—the layers are so thin that there’s no other way to handle them. The parchment paper provides both stability AND mobility! Be sure to divide the cake batter evenly into six bowls. (Precision is important here, so be diligent!) While preparing each layer, you can use binder clips to secure the sides to make spreading the batter easier. Or, if you have a light touch with a spatula, you might not need fastening and can skip the clips. Just remember to remove the clips before baking! Be warned, the baked layers are thin. You may have a layer accident/incident/disaster at some point in the assembly process. Don’t worry! Just assemble the layer pieces, jigsaw puzzle style, on top of the previous layer, mash them together a bit, and exercise a little extra caution when frosting that layer. Repeat the process with the remaining layers, until you get to the last layer. Don’t frost that one. Next, wrap up the pan for the freezer. First wrap it with a layer of parchment paper and then heavy foil. Place a small cutting board and/or pan on top of the wrapped cake, and add a couple pounds worth of heavy freezer-friendly items. You want to compact the cake a bit, as this will help you make even layers. Let the cake freeze for several hours or overnight.
  • Once you’ve cut all your rounds, top each with a little frosting, and a few sprinkles. Or, you can go the classic route and ice the sides, too. But, these cakes are so colorful that you may just want to leave the sides naked! They'll look great either way! Hope you have fun with these Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cakes!
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