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Cookies and Cream Pudding Shots

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Cookies and Cream Pudding Shots
  • Prep Time 15 min
  • Total Time 1 hr 15 min
  • Servings 10
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Cookies and Cream Pudding Shots

You asked and we delivered! Spike your favorite instant pudding with your favorite vodka and liqueurs . . . the combinations are endless!


(4.2 oz) box cookies n' cream flavor instant pudding
cup milk
cup vodka
cup white chocolate liqueur
cup whipped topping (plus more for garnish, if desired)


  • 1 Pour pudding mix and milk into a bowl and stir until well blended.
  • 2 Stir in vodka and liqueur.
  • 3 Fold in whipped topping.
  • 4 Pour into individual serving containers.
  • 5 Chill for at least an hour.
  • 6 Immediately before serving, garnish with whipped topping and a mini cookie, if desired.
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Cookies & Cream Pudding Shots

As prepared by Michelle P,

When a reader asked for a “pudding shot” recipe, I embarked on a little research project.

(Out of the box thinking – that’s why Tablespoon.com readers are so great!) My experiments with alcoholic desserts are completely limited to gelatin and the odd chocolate martini, so it seemed a bit of a wild and exciting quest.  I had never heard of, much less consumed, a pudding shot before. But on concept alone what could be more fun?

My first question was, should a pudding shot be solid or pudding-y? I found several recipes on the internet, and the overwhelming sentiment appeared to be that a pudding shot should indeed (and not surprisingly) have the consistency of pudding. Makes sense, but as a researcher, one must leave no stone unturned.

cookies and cream pudding shot close up

Flavors were the next consideration. It wasn’t so much coming up with a palatable combination, it was picking just one to feature in this post. While I finally decided on Cookies & Cream, there were so many contenders. To name a few from the chocolate family: banana, orange, raspberry, coffee and hazelnut.  Pistachio pudding with a white chocolate liqueur sounded quite promising as well. And vanilla with any fruit liqueur, or even amaretto, would be fantastic. Really, the combinations are endless – you are limited only by the contents of your liquor cabinet!

The pudding shot recipe, which is based on instant pudding, couldn’t be easier. Just mix the pudding with milk, add your liquors, and pour into your serving containers! The spiked pudding sets in an hour.  Before serving, garnish with a little whip and enjoy!



Michelle Palm created the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen blog after discovering a lack of cocktail-style jelly shot recipes. Look for her posts here, and check her Tablespoon member profile often to see what she’s already gelled up!
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