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Why I'm Doing Thanksgiving in the Morning This Year

Updated November 1, 2019
This year, I’m skipping Thanksgiving dinner and serving up a breakfast spread instead—and I have a few good reasons why.

When it comes to predictability, Thanksgiving does it best. Every year, Moms across the country rise from their beds at dark o’clock to start giant turkeys cooking in their ovens. Brothers and uncles throw a ball around in the back yard. Sisters and aunts bring over slow-cookers full of warm, carb-heavy side dishes. Dads couch-surf and drink. Kids and at least one dog run rampant through the house. Infrequently seen relatives start to filter in midday, stomping off boots and taking off coats. And everyone is hungry, because for some reason this is the only day of the year that lunch gets served at 3:00pm.

Predictable is nice. It’s comforting and cozy, and there’s nothing wrong with doing the same thing each year. That being said, you never know what you’re missing if you never try it out. That’s why this year, I’m shaking things up. I’m skipping the traditional midday feast and instead, I’m pushing mealtime to the morning. I’m not suggesting I’ll be roasting a bird the night before and eat mashed potatoes in my pajamas. I’m reinventing the menu entirely by making breakfast dishes that fit the flavors of the holiday. Pumpkin French toast, biscuits with a turkey gravy and a cranberry sauce-inspired pull-apart bread are all contenders for the Thanksgiving breakfast menu. It’ll be untraditional for sure, but I have my reasons.

Breakfast Food is the Best Food

We all know that breakfast and brunch set the stage for some of the best foods known to humankind. Things like buttery pancakes, donuts and coffee, jammy eggs and avocado toast. Heck, even consider a bowl of cereal one of my all-time favorite meals. If breakfast food means more to you than dinner, then consider going a Thanksgiving breakfast or brunch this year in lieu of the traditional.

Schedules Aren’t an Issue

If you’re in a situation where you have to attend multiple Thanksgivings but still want to have your own meal at your own house, you can’t go wrong with eating in the morning. Aunt Mary says to come over at 2? You know that means we’re not eating until 4, so it’s a good thing you enjoyed a leisurely Thanksgiving breakfast to hold you over. Want to host a potluck Thanksgiving but schedules are starting to be an issue? Thanksgiving brunch solves that problem.

Speaking of brunch, if the idea of getting up early on the Big Thursday to cook breakfast food stresses you out, a potluck might calm your nerves. Invite a few friends and fun family members over, have each bring a dish, and then you can calmly enjoy your coffee and the company of those you care about.

Full Mornings > Stuffed Evenings

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of past the age where I enjoy stuffing myself silly in the evenings. Maybe it’s my metabolism is slowing down or I’m just getting old, but I simply can’t eat as much as I used to. And the idea of being hungry all day in preparation for a big meal that will make me feel sick just doesn’t appeal to me at all. Mornings, on the other hand, are a great time to eat a lot of food. Your stomach will be empty since you haven’t eaten anything since the night before. There’s a lot less waiting around to eat, and there’s no risk of filling up at the appetizer table before the feast. Plus, after you’ve enjoyed a big brunch, you can take a nap and still have enough time to start your Christmas shopping early—if you’re into that sort of thing.

Christmas Comes Early

And now for the truth: the main reason I’m eating Thanksgiving for breakfast this year is because I just want to start watching Christmas movies already. Why do I have to wait until after the turkey has been carved to put on Mariah Carey’s holiday album? For fanatics like myself, Thanksgiving is just a door I’m waiting to unlock to so can get to Christmas on the other side already. So, the idea of getting to do Thanksgiving during my favorite meal of the day is, I think, pure brilliance. It means I’ll be able to celebrate gratitude in the AM and have my whole house decorated for Christmas by the PM. Plus, did I mention mimosas yet?

Thanksgiving Brunch Recipes

Wondering what going to be on my menu? Here are a few tasty ideas to start with, or head over to our complete list of Thanksgiving brunch ideas: