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17 Healthy Snacks for Spring

Updated March 24, 2020
Snacks help sustain your energy level between meals, but the key healthy eating is to choose healthy snacks.
Snacks are an important part of your eating since they help sustain your energy level between meals. The key to keeping your eating habits in check is to pick snacks that will satisfy you without blowing your calorie budget for the day.

Frozen Grapes

Know what’s really super on hot days? Frozen grapes. Simply wash your grapes and then freeze them for a fabulous icy treat.


strawberry basil watermelon cups

Watermelon season is sneaking up on us, and that’s great for your snacking habits. Not only is watermelon low in calories, but because it’s sweet, it can feel like you’re enjoying dessert without the guilt.


Yogurt is good for you for many reasons. It’s a good source of calcium, it’s a great source of protein and it’s full of helpful probiotics that’ll keep your gut in check. Snacks that contain protein are much more likely to keep you feeling fuller longer, so the next time you get a craving in-between meals, reach for a yogurt.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

strawberry pretzel yogurt salad cups

Give your yogurt a boost by transforming it into a fancy parfait. One cup low-fat yogurt, ½ cup chopped berries and 1 tablespoon of granola is the perfect ratio to start with—what else you add is up to your imagination!

Veggies and Hummus

Instead of enjoying your favorite chickpea dip with carb-heavy crackers, reach for light and nutritious veggie sticks instead. Carrots, pepper slices and cucumbers are all great for dipping.


strawberry banana yogurt smoothie

Smoothies are delicious and so easy. Combine yogurt, milk and fruit in a blender for an easy and fast one.

Raw Sugar Snap Peas

If you’ve never enjoyed the sharp snap of a raw sugar snap pea, you won’t know what you’re missing. This is the season to enjoy this snack!


Strawberries are just coming into season in parts of the country, so it’s the perfect time to eat ‘em up. Wash them and enjoy! Or dip in a yummy fruit dip.


spicy grilled edamame snack

Whether you enjoy them fresh or from the freezer section, in-the-shell edamame is a quick and fun snack to keep hunger pains at bay.


Can salad be a snack? It sure can, and a tasty one at that. Load yours up with all the veggies you can, and sprinkle on one treat topping like a little cheese or bacon. Go light on the dressing!


Almonds are filled with healthy fats, so measure out a portion and enjoy!

Salsa and Tortilla Chips

fresh tomato salsa

The key to enjoying salsa and chips in a snack is to pre-portion your chips and to not grab them straight from the bag. Everything in moderation, right? Portion out a serving of tortilla chips and enjoy some fresh salsa. When you’re out of chips, you’re done snacking!

Peanut Butter Banana Sundae

Got a mid-day sweet tooth? Try this: combine ½ cup low-fat ice cream, 1 tablespoon warmed peanut butter (warm it up in the microwave) and half a banana, sliced. It’s a healthy sundae that’s also packed with protein.

Granola Bars

Keep a stash of granola bars on hand to satisfy you need for snacks.

Whole Wheat Toast

avocado pesto toast

A dressed-up slice of toast might be just what you need to tide you over to dinnertime. Mashed avocado is a classic dressing, but if you’re wanting something sweet, try spreading peanut butter and honey over a slice of toast.

Fruit Leather

Whether you make it yourself or buy it from the store, dehydrated fruit and fruit leather is a different way to enjoy your fruit.

Pretzels and Guacamole

Weird? Yes. Delicious? You bet. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.