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10 Ways to Cook with Mushrooms

Updated March 28, 2018
From cremini and shitake to morels and portabellas, we’re obsessed with these little umami bombs and what they do for our recipes. Here are our top 10 favorites for all of the mushroom lovers out there!

Our simple mission in life (and of this article) is to give mushrooms the credit they deserve. For everything they lack in beauty, they make up for in unique flavor, texture and the taste of umami. They’re a hard-working, underappreciated ingredient, but with these 10 easy ideas for cooking with mushrooms we’re putting them in the spotlight—where they belong.

1. Cap On Your Burger
Did you ever notice how the size of a portabella is almost the same size as a hamburger bun? Us too, and so we give you, Spicy Pork-Stuffed Portabella Burgers. For maximum yum, scrape out the ribs of the mushroom and form your burger in the cap. Grill starting meat side down, then flip to finish. Then at this point that hamburger bun is totally optional.


2. Finely Chop for Fancy Appetizers

Fear not, these impressive appetizers only look like they take a lot of effort. But they don’t. The secret behind these Pancetta and Mushroom Phyllo Cups is to saute the mushrooms (cremini or baby bella—your choice) in the pancetta drippings. That’s when the magic happens. Finish with a dollop of sage sour cream and try your damndest not to eat the entire batch.


3. Slow Cook Them for Concetrated Flavor

This crazy-easy Slow-Cooker Beef and Mushroom Soup elevates humble white mushrooms to a state of dinnertime glory. They’re given the low and slow treatment alongside chuck roast, carrots, onions and orzo for a meal that basically makes itself.


4. Saute Them for The Easiest Side Ever

Adding butter to mushrooms and sautéing until they’re a deep brown is basic, yet amazing. Adding butter, Marsala wine, garlic and parsley to the mix? That’s taking things to a whole new level. That’s what’s going on with these Tapas-Style Sauteed Mushrooms. We highly recommend giving them a go.


5. Add a Burst of Umami to Salmon

If you’ve never tried it (and even if you have!) white mushrooms and salmon is an unexpected pairing worth exploring. For our Salmon-Mushroom-Spinach Bake we layer on the flavor with parsley, thyme, spinach and a coating of crispy panko crumbs to seal the deal.


6. Stuff Them with Extra Flavor

Try this on for size: fontina cheese, crab, green onions, Parmesan, lemon and dill. Feels like something delicious is about to happen, right? Mix all those heavy-hitters together, bake inside cremini or baby bella mushrooms and you’ve got yourself an appetizer tailored to impress (see what we did there?). When everyone starts asking, here’s the recipe: Crab and Fontina-Stuffed Mushrooms.


7. Create Instant Comfort

If there’s a more cozy and comforting weeknight dinner than this Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Fricassee, we don’t know what it is. Think of it as a white stew filled with all the good stuff: chicken, onions, carrots, celery, thyme, a splash of white wine, and of course—mushrooms. It’s basically a hug in a bowl.


8. Use Them as a Base

Once again, Portobello mushroom caps prove there’s almost nothing they can’t do. In this example pasta is out and Portobellos are in for Lasagna-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms that meet all of your low-carb, high sauce and cheese eating needs. So, so much marinara and mozzarella.


9. Make a Mouthwatering Gravy

Break out the mushrooms, Marsala and heavy whipping cream; it’s time to make the best gravy of your life. What’s even more impressive is how stunningly fast this entire meal comes together. Fancy enough for company, but easy enough for a weeknight dinner. Creamy Chicken Marsala, you’re the best!


10. Warm Yourself Up From the Inside Out

Cold days call for hot meals that are ready on the double. Enter this brilliant make-ahead soup. Made with shiitakes, chicken, rice noodles and ginger, Chicken and Mushroom Hot Pot comes together quickly and freezes like a dream so all you have to do is simmer and serve. Boom, instant warmth!

Hey, you ate veggies, you’re allowed to have dessert.