Beautiful Brie

By Girl Who Ate Everything
Created March 6, 2017
I have four sisters and every year, each in our own home, we make this Holiday Brie -- maybe because it helps us feel like we are all back in moms kitchen together, or maybe because its so dang good. MORE+ LESS-

What I love most about the holidays is the intangible feeling in the air that can only be explained by the love of the family and people around you. One thing my family knows how to do is have fun and to take relaxing to a whole new level.

Holidays in my house growing up were always pure chaos. My brothers sat around the family room discussing the latest conspiracy theories or planning their next invention. The kids were always running wild through the house playing tag and screaming, trying to avoid any authority figure in the house that would reprimand them. The women could be found in the kitchen, with forks in hand – no need for plates, digging into our favorite pie before anyone else had a go at it.

Now my siblings and I are spread out all over the country. I’m in Florida, thousands of miles away from home, and I long to have that family environment during the holidays. We been fortunate enough to make really good friends out here. I’ve heard that friends are the family you can choose, and that is definitely true for us. I am very grateful for what I have.

This Brie is really simple to assemble. Just buy some frozen puff pastry dough and let it thaw out a little. Scrape the skin off of the Brie and place it in the middle of the puff pastry. Pile on some cinnamon toasted pecans, cranberries, and brown sugar. Are you in love yet? Brush it with a little egg wash and bake it.

The result is a cheesy combination of sweet and salty. Most people eat it with crackers but I prefer just a fork. You must try this for your holiday gatherings.

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