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Poison Apple Parfaits

  • Prep 10 min
  • Total 10 min
  • Servings 4

Apple slices, yogurt, granola bars and a drizzle of caramel ... yum! Add a little edible disco dust to the apple top for an adorably "over the top" Snow White effect! ...MORE+ LESS-

Michelle P
September 25, 2014


medium sized apples
(6 oz container) Yoplait® Light Fat Free apple turnover yogurt
individual packs (2 bars each) Nature Valley™ Oats 'n Honey Crunchy Granola Bars
cup caramel sauce (any prepared caramel sauce or ice cream topping)
cups of water
Edible cake decorating glitter or luster dust, if desired


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  • 1
    Cut tops off apples, and dust with the edible glitter or luster dust (if using) and set aside.
  • 2
    Slice each apple into 3 horizontal slices. Keep the slices from each individual apple grouped together for orderly parfaits.
  • 3
    Squeeze 2 lemons into about 3 cups of water, and dip the slices (not the glittery apple top though) into the lemon water to inhibit browning. Pat dry with paper towel.
  • 4
    Layer the yogurt, granola sauce between the apple slices.
  • 5
    Top each apple parfait with its glittery topper.
  • 6

Nutrition Information

No nutrition information available for this recipe
More About This Recipe
  • Yup, I’m back in the summer movie swing of things, and the release of “Snow White and the Huntsman” has me thinking.

    Times have certainly changed. In this modern, hyper-communicative world we live in, the Poison Apple Purveyor of old (i.e. the Wicked Queen) would have a much more difficult time of it. An actual poison apple sighting would be tweeted or Facebook-ed immediately and hopefully would deter a possible consumption incident.

    So I’m thinking that the modern-day poison apple would need some serious upgrades. Like maybe some yogurt and granola, and caramel for sure. Glitter, optional but advisable under the circumstances. Be sure to check out the "Poison Apple" Parfait recipe on Tablespoon.

    Conjecturing aside, these little parfaits are delicious and perfect. Sweet enough for dessert, but in actuality healthy enough to call a snack, and the upright shape is quirky and fun!

    To make the parfaits, cut the tops off your apples, and set aside. You can dust them with a little edible glitter or luster dust, if desired, for that extra eye-catching poison-y effect.

    Next, slice each apple into three horizontal slices.

    Dip in lemon water, if desired, to ward off browning, and dry with a paper towel. (I definitely recommend this extra step if you’re like me, and like your granola parfaits to sit for 20 minutes or so before serving to let the flavors blend.)

    Funny story about the granola: when it came time to shoot this piece, I found that I forgot to buy the granola … luckily I had Nature Valley Granola Bars on hand! I just popped them in a plastic bag, and crushed them with a rolling pin, and viola! They were perfect in this – very flavorful, and I was able to crush them a little finer than regular granola, so there was some nice blending action with the yogurt and caramel.

    Next, assemble your parfait by layering yogurt, granola and caramel between each slice.

    Top with a sparkly topper and you’re in business. NOT the poison apple business, however. Rather, the yummy little movie inspired parfait business!

    Hope you enjoy!

    XO Michelle

    Michelle Palm created the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen blog after discovering a lack of cocktail-style jelly shot recipes. Look for her posts here, and check her Tablespoon member profile often to see what she’s already gelled up!
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