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Rum Chicken

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  • Prep 15 min
  • Total 1 hr 30 min
  • Servings 8
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This rum chicken is delicious! It’s the perfect combination of two cuisines, Mexican and Cajun. Cajun-style food is similar to Latin American food because it uses strong and spicy flavors, so this recipe feels natural. The result is a juicy chicken with a spicy, deep and slightly sweet flavor. You can get this with a mix of rum, Cajun spices, chipotle chili powder, and some brown sugar. This is an exquisite meal for a special event.
by: Silvia Martinez
Updated Jul 17, 2017
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  • 5 teaspoons Cajun spices, divided
  • 1 teaspoon chipotle chili powder
  • 2/3 cup rum, divided
  • 8 chicken thighs with skin and bones, cleaned
  • 1/2 cup butter, divided
  • 1/8 cup brown sugar


  • 1
    Preheat the oven to 350°F.
  • 2
    Combine 3 teaspoons Cajun spices, chipotle chili powder and 3 tablespoons rum until you get a soft paste. Cover the chicken thighs on both sides with the mix.
  • 3
    Melt a teaspoon butter in a big pan and brown the thighs, three minutes per side.
  • 4
    While the thighs brown, melt the rest of the butter with the sugar and two teaspoons Cajun spices in a pan. Pour the rest of the rum and stir constantly until you get a runny sauce.
  • 5
    Place the golden-brown thighs in a baking dish. Take half a cup sauce, set it aside and pour the rest over the chicken. Cover with aluminum foil and bake for 30 minutes.
  • 6
    While this bakes, pour the half a cup sauce into the pan where the meat was browned. Stir constantly over medium heat until the sauce dissolves everything in the pan. Continue stirring until you get a thick sauce. Remove from the heat and set aside.
  • 7
    After 30 minutes of baking, take the chicken out, pour the sauce on it, cover it again and bake for another 10 more minutes. Then, uncover it and bake for 5 minutes or until the chicken’s internal temperature, taken with a kitchen thermometer, reaches 180°F and the sauce has caramelized.
  • 8
    Serve with white rice.

Expert Tips

  • tip 1
    If you can’t find chipotle chili powder, you can use 1 marinated chipotle chili.
  • tip 2
    Save some baking time by using boneless thighs and following your oven’s instructions.
  • tip 3
    If you can’t find Cajun spices, make them at home by mixing garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, salt, thyme, black pepper, white pepper and cayenne chili.

Nutrition Information

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