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Black Velvet Beer Cocktail

Black Velvet Beer Cocktail
  • Prep 5 min
  • Total 5 min
  • Servings 1
Equal parts champagne and stout beer, this mixed drink is as easy as they come but tastes like nothing you’ve ever had. This cocktail is a great way to use up any open bottles of champagne left after you throw a party; the smooth brew complements the bubbles in a way that you’d never expect. This recipe is all about the proportions; you can make any number of drinks you want as long as you have enough of both ingredients.
By TBSP Kitchens
Updated May 31, 2017


  • 1 part champagne
  • 1 part Guinness™ Irish stout, or other stout beer


  • 1
    Fill glass halfway with champagne.
  • 2
    Top off glass with stout beer of choice.

  • To “float” the beer on top of the champagne and create separated layers, turn a spoon upside down over the glass of champagne and pour the beer over the curve of the spoon into the glass. This will keep the two from combining.

No nutrition information available for this recipe

  • A Black Velvet is made by combining sparkling white wine (typically champagne) with stout beer, like Guinness™. It was originally created in London in 1861 to mourn Queen Victoria’s Prince Consort, Albert—the dark color symbolizes the black or purple armbands mourners wore.
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