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Spicy Peanut Butter-Caramel Fudge

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  • Prep 30 min
  • Total 2 hr 0 min
  • Servings 45
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On the texture spectrum somewhere between caramel and fudge, these peanut butter candies are sweet and delicious with just a little bit of heat.
by: The Food in My Beard
Updated Oct 21, 2014
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  • 6 tablespoons butter
  • 2 1/2 cups sugar
  • 12 ounces evaporated milk
  • 2 tablespoons heavy cream
  • 1/4 cup peanut butter
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon chile flakes


  • 1
    Line a square 8x8 baking dish with parchment paper. Lightly brush with oil.
  • 2
    Mix the butter, sugar, milk, and cream in a medium saucepan with high enough sides to hold about four times the amount of liquid (it will boil up).
  • 3
    Heat on medium high until everything melts, then continue to heat, gently stirring occasionally, until the mixture reaches 240°F. Be careful because it will burn if it gets any hotter!
  • 4
    Mix peanut butter with chile flakes and salt.
  • 5
    Pour the mixture into a heat proof bowl (or into a stand mixer) and beat well for 5 minutes. Add the peanut butter mixture and beat 5 more minutes.
  • 6
    Pour the mixture into the baking dish and refrigerate for 2 hours until firm.
  • 7
    Cut into squares. Individually wrap in parchment.
  • 8
    Chill and serve.

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More About This Recipe

  • They’re not really caramels, not really fudge.

    These candies are somewhere in-between—the texture is almost like a Tootsie Roll.

    I whipped up a batch of this Spicy Peanut Butter-Caramel Fudge last week and believe me when I say it’s totally addictive!

    I’m glad they tasted so good, because the first time around I tried a totally different recipe and burned the whole batch (and set off the fire alarm). After some tinkering and playing around with the ingredients and ratios I finally tried again—with great success.

    It starts like a lot of candy I have made.

    Make sure you use a tall pot so it doesn't boil over!

    Mix the peanut butter with some chile flake and salt.

    When the hot sugar mixture comes off the stove, beat it a bit, then add the peanut butter and beat some more.

    It’s a nice smooth consistency.

    Pour it into a square baking dish that is lined with parchment.

    After cooling it’s nice and firm.

    Portioned out.

    Cut out little squares of parchment and wrap each square into the traditional candy shape.

    These are such a treat to have waiting in the fridge! They have just the right amount of heat after the strong peanut butter flavor.

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    Dan Whalen sets off his fire alarm once a week. He has been blogging for over four years at The Food in my Beard; check Dan's Tablespoon profile often to try his recipes with creative international spins!
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