How to Make Mini Rainbow Donuts

By Jackie Fo
Created March 10, 2017
Doll-sized donuts made with Fruity Cheerios that are as pretty and tasty as their actual-sized cousins. Youve just got to see (and taste) these to believe ˜em! MORE+ LESS-

It’s a well known fact. Sometimes you just want a donut…but without the guilt. Enter Mini Rainbow Donuts.

Yup, they’re as tiny as Cheerios but look exactly like donuts. Who could resist these dollhouse sized treats?!

Thanks to the Unconfidential Cook, these tiny sweets came to life. To make some for yourself, just  grab one of your pantry staples – Fruity Cheerios (for our rainbow effect!). Then get some stuff to make the toppings just like "real" donuts have.


For the powdered donut look, roll the Cheerios in powdered sugar. Easy peasy!


Mix regular sugar and cinnamon Together for another favorite donut topping.


For frosted donuts, mix vanilla Betty Crocker frosting with a drop of food coloring, then dip the top of your little donut in and add sprinkles to your heart’s content.


Display your li'l creations bakery-style in a miniature jewelry box.

You can eat the whole box of donuts and not feel a smidgen of guilt – I promise!  Plus they’re as cute as can be. I love these teeny-tiny sweet treats!

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