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Boozy Bunny Shots

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  • Prep 10 min
  • Total 10 min
  • Servings 4
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Turn hollow chocolate bunnies into delicious little shot glasses to hold Irish cream! This may be the greatest Easter idea since the invention of the egg.
Updated May 2, 2017
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  • 4 mini hollow chocolate bunnies
  • 1 cup Irish cream liqueur


  • 1
    Place a sharp knife in a pot of boiling water to heat so it will slide through the chocolate without cracking it. Dry the knife with a clean kitchen towel and slice the top half-inch of the ears from each chocolate bunny with the hot knife. Discard the top portion of the ears.
  • 2
    Fill each hollow bunny shot glass with chilled Irish cream (or your favorite) liqueur. Serve immediately.

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More About This Recipe

  • These adults-only treats will make your Easter brunch a bunch more fun! Just when you think Easter can’t get cuter, along come these quick-and-easy, uber adorable Boozy Bunny Shots, and you find yourself swimming in Easter ecstasy! You know those hollow chocolate bunnies that everyone sticks in Easter baskets? Well, we’re turning them into little shot glasses, filling them with Irish cream liqueur, and serving them up as the world’s cutest addition to any Easter party table. Ready for this? Here’s how to make these beautiful, boozy, bunny babies. (Forgive me. It’s hard to not get carried away into joyous alliteration). Dip a sharp knife into boiling water and let the metal heat up. Quickly dry it off, then working one bunny at a time, slide your hot knife through the top half inch of each bunny’s ears. It should come off clean – no chocolate cracking, no chocolate smashing! I discovered the easiest way to do this for multiple bunnies was to pour hot water in a tall glass or Mason jar. Then just dip, wipe, slice, and repeat. Easy. And now, with the little bunny shot glasses prepared, you’re gonna need some Irish cream liqueur. Any brand you please. Or Kahlua™, if you'd rather. You're in charge! Pour chilled booze straight into the hollow of your wee little bunny shot glasses. That’s it! You’re ready to shoot! Or share. Or… well… you know what I mean.
  • Now here’s where things get a little over the top. Because you can absolutely leave the bunny shots as-is. But if you, like me, love a little extra pop, color, and witty play on the theme, you can toss two little paper straws inside for sippable bunny ears. I’m not saying I approve. I’m just saying… holy cute. At the end of the day, however you decide to serve up your Boozy Bunny Shots will be pure perfection. Pure, boozy, bunny perfection. (Ignore the reverse alliteration in that sentence. I can’t help myself from overcutesifying everything related to these!) Happy, Boozy Bunny Easter, you!
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