100 Things to Do with Cheerios

By TBSP Susan
Created February 24, 2017
You only eat Cheerios for breakfast? Man, the Cheerios fun boat is sailing without ya. Jump aboard to discover 100 more things you can do with Cheerios! MORE+ LESS-

I used to lick Cheerios and stick them to my tot's forehead and cheeks. He'd giggle and I'd laugh myself silly. And someday he'll sit in a shrink's chair and pinpoint that day as the start of it all...

Joking aside, Cheerios has been the source of eats, treats and fun for ... well ... like, forever. There are so many things you can DO with Cheerios! Here's our Top 100:

1. Lick em 'n stick em: Yes, the #1 thing to do with Cheerios -- lick em and stick em to your face!

2. Here, kitty kitty: Adopt a stray cat and name her Cheerio after the cereal your kids fed her. (Don't laugh -- my kids actually did this. Update: Our Cheerio now much prefers cat food in her bowl!)

3. Snack attack: Honey Nutty Chex Mix and invite the gang over for the game.

4. Go buggy: String Honey Nut Cheerios on pipe cleaners and attach to a plastic headband. Bug antennas -- woot!

5. Bedazzled toast: Add Honey Nut Cheerios to your jam in fun patterns.

6. Frame it: Decorate a picture frame with Honey Nut Cheerios!

7. Hike! Play mini football using a Cheerios piece as the ball and pipe cleaners as the goal posts. It's all about the field goals, folks.

8. Oh, Tannenbaum: Have the kiddos thread them on yarn to make garland for the Christmas tree.

9. Strawberry Cream Tart: Make this luscious tart with a Cheerios crust for your next potluck!

10. Kiddy craft! String them on pull-apart licorice and tie them into bracelets!

11. Toss game: Cut different size holes in the top of a shoe box. Use a marker to put point values on each hole. Give each person a dozen Cheerios. Stand back (same distance, everyone!) and let each take a turn flinging Cheerios at the holes. Top scorer wins! (Ties need a play-off round!)

12. Rings for your American Girl doll. Duh.

13. Chili O's: Make this Chili and Garlic Snack Mix for your next party.

14. Cheerios art: Use Fruity Cheerios to paste to paper to make fun art!

15. House of Cheerios: Use Cheerios to stack as bases for your card house...double difficult!

16. Bridal shower power: Use pipe-cleaners for rings and Cheerios as the "diamonds." See who can make the prettiest engagement ring in 1 minute.

17. Flick fest: For a fun kids' party game, see who can flick their Cheerios the farthest.

18. Barbie bracelet: Does this work? I dunno. You try it!

19. Chill out: Make these Frozen Banana Pops.

20. Brownie balls: Bake a pan of Betty Crocker brownies and, after cooling completely, roll them into balls. Dip in melted white chocolate pieces and roll in Cheerios (any flavor -- but wouldn't chocolate be cool?).

21. Top it: Put Cheerios in a large Ziploc bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Great ice cream topping!

22. Streusel: Crush Cheerios and add a bit of melted butter for a quick 'n easy streusel topping for muffins, banana bread or this Apple Oat Crumble!

23. Necklaces: Make these super cute Cheerios necklaces for a kiddy party activity or rainy day fun.

24. Congrats! Use Cheerios instead of rice to send the cute couple off into marital bliss! (The birds will thank you! But be sure to ask the church, synagogue or event center beforehand.)

25. On the road again: Package Cheerios in disposable travel coffee cups with lids (found by the paperware at the store) to keep little fingers busy on road trips. Easy to toss in a bag with the tops on, and easy to refill along the way!

26. Counting game: Use Cheerios to teach tots to count! Take 10 out at a time... 1-2-3-4...

27. Get in the Christmas spirit with Cheerios Christmas Trees.

28. Colors game: Use Fruity Cheerios to teach kids colors. Makes it more fun when they can eat each one they get right!

29. Cheerios Checkers: You get it! Make your own mini checkers board on a sheet of paper.

30. Octopus suckers: Who knew Cheerios made the perfect tentacles for an octopus? Check it out: Ollie Octopus Recipe.

31. Name game: Use a sheet of paper to draw each of the letters in your child's name. Have them trace the lines with Cheerios. Then it's snack time!

32. Cupcake caps: Top cupcakes with frosting, then dunk 'em upside down in Cheerios.

33. Drink it pretty: Kids will dig drinking milk when it's colorful like these Rainbow Milk Shooters.

34. Mish-mash: Mix Honey Nut Cheerios with your other fave Big G cereals (Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Chex, etc.) to make your own signature breakfast mash-up.

35. Team treats: Try these Trail Mix on Sticks and let your team snack out after the game.

36. Yo-J play: Add Cheerios to a bowl and cover with Yo-J (the yogurt juice drink) instead of milk.

37. Soy sauce: Try Cheerios with vanilla soy milk. Yes, do it!

38. Centerpiece: Make these Rainbow Pretzel Butterflies, secure them to sucker sticks with frosting, and "plant" them in a vase of Honey Nut Cheerios.

39. Crunch a bunch: Mix coarsely crunched Cheerios and melted butter to top your fave casserole. Add during the last 10 minutes of baking.

40. Hansel and Gretel game: Hide prizes in the back yard. Use Cheerios to drop a "trail" to the prizes.

41. Fish bait: Ring a Cheerios piece on your fish hook. Does it work? Let us know!

42. Fill up with Honey Nut-Peach Smoothies.

43. Cookie dots: Use dots of Betty Crocker ready-to-spread frosting to stick Cheerios to store-bought cookies. Activity and snack time all in one!

44. Pinatas: Have kids make their own pinatas (two pieces of paper, stapled together), filled with O's!

45. Yogurt add-in: Stir Cheerios into your fave yogurt flave to make it crunchy and more filling.

46. Snack balls: Make Cheerios balls instead of popcorn balls (for the holidays or any time).

47. Donut holes: Cover donut holes with melted white chocolate and roll in Cheerios for a quick, easy treat.

48. Cake pops: Cake pops get colorful when coated in Betty Crocker vanilla ready-to-spread-frosting and rolled in Fruity Cheerios! Separate the colors first, or do them all "rainbow" colors.

49. Rainbows in the morn: Make your favorite coffee cake for in a round (or Bundt) pan, frost with vanilla frosting, and lay out a colorful rainbow on top using Fruity Cheerios.

50. Under-the-sea: These Silly Starfish will fit right in at your under-the-sea party.

51. Swizzle sizzle: Thread cheerios on a swizzle stick. Add a piece of marshmallow at the bottom to keep them from sliding off. Place across the top of glasses of milk, juice or smoothies as a brunchy garnish.

52. Fro-yo your fruit: Fruit on sticks covered with yogurt and crushed O's. O yes...and here's how.

53. Partner pop: Similar to balloon toss. Line people up in two rows facing each other in sets ("teams"). One tosses a Cheerios piece to the other, who has to catch it in his/her mouth. Those who don't are out. Those who do step back one step and try again. Repeat until one team wins.

54. Cakey layers: Layer cake chunks, vanilla pudding, and Cheerios in a large bowl, dirt-cake style. Repeat layers and serve immediately. Easy, fun dessert for kids.

55. Flower power: Make this Flower Power Crayon Holder with your kids on a rainy day.

56. Apple O's: Spread peanut butter on apple slices, and stick Cheerios to the peanut butter. Mmm crunchy treat!

57. Soccer balls on sticks: Use Frosted Cheerios to make round marshmallow-treat balls on sticks, then use black tube frosting to color in one Cheerio every so often to make it look like a soccer ball.

58. For the birds: Add short lengths of yarn and Cheerios to a small plastic strawberry crate. Hang with yarn from a nearby tree and watch the birds have fun snacking on the Cheerios and using the string for their nests!

59. Donut seeds: You didn't know donuts grew from seeds? Check it out: Donut Seeds Recipe.

60. Squirrel snack: Like watching the critters in your backyard? Invite them to snack on crackers topped with peanut butter and Cheerios.

61. Gingerbread house: Cheerios make the most charming rick-rack trim on holiday gingerbread houses! Or make one with graham crackers, peanut butter and Cheerios to put outdoors in the summer for your backyard critters.

62. Super snack: Make these delish Ambrosia Yogurt Parfaits for breakfast or a satisfyingly fresh snack.

63. Child's play: Teach your young one eye-hand coordination skills by gently tossing a Cheerios piece back and forth. Move further away from each other as skills progress.

64. For baby's 1st birthday: Punch holes in the upper corners of baby's photos and thread on yarn, adding rows of cheerios between photos for separation and a cute theme.

65. Yummy poker: Who needs money? Use Honey Nut Cheerios instead. Winner takes all, of course!

66. Food markers: Use different colors of Fruity Cheerios to let guests know what flavors the muffins are: red for strawberry, blue for blueberry, green for lime, etc.

67. Eye-popping: Make superhero glasses with your kids! Here's how: Superhero Shades Recipe.

68. Bingo! Use Cheerios instead of pennies for bingo.

69. Hamster bribe: Lose your pet hamster in the house? Lure him out with a trail of Cheerios that leads back to his nearby cage.

70. Stacking contest: How fast can your kids stack 10 or more Honey Nut Cheerios? Start with a bang and see who wins!

71. Lose a game piece? Use a Cheerios piece instead! It might not be in the shape of the Monopoly top hat, but it works!

72. No-bake: Make these easy no-bake treats for any holiday -- or any day, for that matter!

73. Math memory game: Using Fruity Cheerios, assign low numbers to each color (1 for red, 2 for green, etc.). Then give your child two Cheerios at a time and have your budding mathematician add 'em up (red + green = 3)!

74. Cheerios hunt: Like an Easter egg hunt. Whoever collects the most wins.

75. Flower braid with "jewels": Weave wildflowers and Cheerios into a braided crown for your princess's hair.

76. Family tree: Uses different flavors of Cheerios as "leaves" on a family tree. Give each family their own flavor!

77. Edible Teddy bear: You can love up this Teddy Bear, then eat him!

78. Smile! Draw your face and fill it in with Cheerios.

79. Rain maker: Use two inexpensive foil pie plates from the grocery store. Fill one with a cup of Cheerios. Invert the other on top and staple the sides shut. Shake for a quick rain maker toy or tambourine!

80. Flag: Decorate a cake with a Cheerios "flag."

81. It's magic: Instead of a marble or peanut, use a Cheerios piece for magic cups tricks.

82. Mini skeet: Have one person toss a Honey Nut Cheerios piece into the air as another tries to "shoot" it with a spitball.

83. Fish food: Yep, they work awesome at the lake!

84. Breakfast to Go: Make this Breakfast to Go mix up ahead of time and be ready to dash out the door in the morn.

85. Snowman: Use Honey Nut Cheerios as buttons and eyes on mini snowmen.

86. Mini Tic-Tac-Toe: Draw a tic-tac-toe matrix on a piece of paper -- small! Use different colored Cheerios as Xs and Os. Winner eats all.

87. Colorize: Make an edible rainbow.

88. Mini Twister: Make mini people out of pipe cleaners. Glue Fruity Cheerios (different colors) to a piece of paper, each separated an inch or so, to look like a mini Twister board. Have someone call out commands ("Right foot blue" or "Left hand red") and bend your mini-me to follow the directions.

89. Bangles and bling: Make paper dolls or pipe cleaner dolls, and deck them out with handmade Cheerios jewelry!

90. Dominoes: Stack Cheerios on end in a long, curvy line. Push one end to start the chain reaction of toppling Cheerios.

91. Stack 'em up: Make these Honey Nut Stacks of Snacks for a quick, easy treat.

92. Thanksgiving: Make these cute Cornucopia Snacks for Thanksgiving.

93. Dorm 911: Pack boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios in a care package for your fave college-bound kiddo. Cheerios are great for study snacks and for those times when the caf is closed!

94. Snack bar: Add Honey Nut Cheerios to a bowl. Add bowls of other snack mix ingredients like raisins, peanuts, chocolate candies, and so on. Add a spoon to each bowl and give each kiddo a Ziploc bag. Let them choose their own trial mix ingredients -- then out the door you go for fun at the park or beach!

95. Dapper diaper changer: For a silly baby shower game, use dolls with disposable diapers filled to the brim with Cheerios. Divide into teams. See who can change the diapers with the least mess! (Hint: diaper the doll loosely around the waist, tightly around the legs -- then fill the diapers using a paper-sheet rolled into a cone.)

96. S'mores: Cheerios in s'mores? I'm not kidding -- check out this recipe for Supersonic S'mores.

97. Salad in a snap: Add crunch to any salad by using Honey Nut Cheerios in place of nuts or croutons -- or try this delish Crunchy Apple Salad recipe.

98. Rainy day fun: Need a project to keep the kiddos busy on a rainy day? Here it is: Pipe Cleaner Critters. (See picture at top of page!)

99. Movie night: Make this easy Caramel Corn O's recipe,then start family movie night!

100. Eat Honey Nut Cheerios for dinner. No, reeeeally.