Potluck Party Ideas to Ring in the New Year

Created January 26, 2017
If you're looking for a low-stress way to ring in the New Year with your peeps, declare a NYE potluck party! Here are some tips on how to get your three D's covered: Dinner, Drinks and Dessert! MORE+ LESS-

We're convinced the best place to celebrate New Year’s Eve is at home.

Forget expensive venue tickets and long lines for drinks and food—not to mention the bathroom.  And don’t even get us started on trying to find a cab/Uber/Lyft ride after the ball drops. Partying at home with friends is cheaper, easier and probably safer than being out on the town.

Not convinced?  Here are three more advantages to bringing the party to you:

  1. You don’t have to figure out what to do with your coat and bag
  2. You can play the music you actually like, at whatever volume you want
  3. There’s no “last call!”

To make your New Years Eve soirée as stress-free as possible, make it a potluck! Ask each friend to bring something and assign an appetizer, main dish, side dish, dessert or drink. This spreads out the work and means all of the bases are covered. As the hostess, make sure you have enough plates, napkins, utensils and cups to go keep the party going.

New Year’s Eve Appetizers

Delegate apps to the friends you can count on to show up early, so no one is left waiting to start munching. We love these easy recipes because they’re a breeze to make, travel like a dream and taste great at room temperature!

New Year’s Eve Dinners

Roasts, casseroles and anything in a slow cooker are all solid options for bringing to a party. These five ideas are low-stress, highly impressive and most importantly, they feed a lot of people.

New Year’s Eve Side Dishes

The key to a good potluck side dish is that it’s easy to transport and doesn’t require much fuss once you reach the party. These five recipes all hit the mark and are ones you’ll be proud to admit you brought.

New Year’s Eve Desserts

When it comes to dessert, skip anything that could melt, sink or fall apart. Our top picks are sweet treats that can by made and served in a 13x9 dish for ultimate convenience.

New Year’s Eve Drinks

Stage a bar with ingredients for fun cocktails. Don’t forget a cocktail shaker, lots of ice and garnishes like cherries and citrus slices. Here are five recipes that make for a delicious toast:

And of course, assign a few guests to bring Champagne for the traditional midnight toast!

If you ask us, there’s no better way to ring in the New Year than at home surrounded by good friends, fabulous food and delicious drinks. Cheers!