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10 Ideas for a Wedding Potluck

Got a potluck wedding coming up this summer? You might feel overwhelmed at bringing a present and a dish to pass so combine the two!
By TBSP Susan

A wedding potluck -- not a new idea. Think back to a few generations ago and it was the norm. And, when you think about it, it's a great idea -- makes the celebration easy, economical and fun for those who want to be more personally involved with the wedding.

Bring the wedding potluck idea back with a contemporary flair! If you're hosting a wedding reception for a relative or a friend, suggest that potluck food for the reception be brought in new serving or cooking pieces that are later washed and given to the couple. Be sure to have the cook bring the recipe, too!

Check out these gift ideas and recipes for food and drinks that you can serve inside or alongside them.

1. Slow cooker
Every new couple needs a slow cooker, so present them their gift filled with steaming Chicken Enchilada Chowder or Slow Cooker Chicken Marsala.

2. Casserole dish
Everyone loves a casserole – and there are endless ways in which to use the dish. For example, you could make this Spaghetti Squash Casserole or even a Pizza Casserole.

3. Serving spoons
If you want to gift some fancy serving spoons, consider serving up some Homemade Turkey Soup or even a dessert or salad.

4. Appetizer tray
No one will turn their nose up at these amazing Cheese Crescent Triangles, especially if they're served on a pretty new appetizer tray.

5. Pitcher
Bring an icy pitcher full of Sangria or killer Royal Blue Cocktail, and you'll be the most popular guest at the wedding.

6. Baking dish
A solid all-purpose baking dish is the gift that keeps on giving – especially if it contains these incredible Bourbon Bacon Brownies.

7. Platter
If you think that presentation makes the gift, consider serving up these yummy Peanut Butter Bon Bons arranged on an elegant new platter.

8. Dutch oven
No one will be able to resist a juicy Roasted Garlic Oven-Baked Chicken, and you can serve it up in a spanking new Dutch oven.

9. Fondue
What's a wedding if no one gives the couple a fondue set? You'll be anything but typical if you present the gift filled with Beef and Chicken Fondue.

10. Cake plate
Okay, so there will probably be a cake at the wedding, but give the guests some options by serving up these Dreamy Cream-Filled Cupcakes on a new cake plate.